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Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal, PhD has worked in the IT/telecom industry/research for 28 years. He has several patents pending’ with USPTO, notable among those for PMRRS project are ‘System and method for universal identification of biological humans,’ and ‘System and Method for Unique Patient Identification, Tracking, and Monitoring System.’ He is recipient of 2002 ‘IEEE Author of the Year’ and 2003 ‘IEEE Outstanding Service Award’ by ENCS. He has researched in the design alternatives and evaluation of IT effectiveness, and taught as an adjunct at several universities. He is inventor of FIA (Flexibility, Integration, and Automation) framework and author of the award winning book ‘September 11: A Wake Up Call – Scientific Analysis of the Problem and Suggested Solutions,’ that outlines a technology based approach to understanding and analyzing problems. Abhinav has designed and implemented several computer networks, including those for chip manufacturing, and has managed large IT research and development projects for diverse applications. He has published several research papers. He represents on IEEE-USA Medical Technology Policy Committee and recently helped organize an IEEE conference in biotechnology and bioinformatics area. Abhinav has worked on significant IT projects in US, India, China, and Canada.

Mr. Parv Aggarwal is the R&D Engineer and Business Development Strategist at futurecity, involved in filing and defending patent applications, designing and developing prototypes with international partners, testing, conducting market analysis, redesigning the website for better marketing, seeking investment and initiating proposals for collaborative partnership in product development and market deployment for the Universal Identification Number (UIN), Patient Monitoring Rescue and Response System (PMRRS), Multi-lens powered solar steam turbine, and Water freeze-expansion power generation projects. Parv comes from both a technical and business background, having graduated from Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering with a degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering and a minor in Economics. Prior to futurecity, he worked at Siemens Energy Inc, gaining experience in Transmission and Distribution utility scale grid power engineering rotations (Transformers, Energy Automation, Voltage Regulators) immersing in large scale customer, marketing and internal projects under different divisions alongside technical and leadership training.

Mr. John B Gibson has been involved with evolving the UIN and PMRRS projects since inception, adding value with his innovative ideas and business development efforts. He is a recipient of ‘Outstanding Electrical Engineer Award’ and has industry experience of over 30 years, spanning various areas in electrical engineering, IT and software development. Both Abhinav and John actively participate in the IEEE-USA Research and Policy Committee, a body involved in shaping public policy on major technology issues.

Mr. James O. Duffy has a design and development background in RFIDs, Integrated Circuits, RF links for defense applications, biometric sensors and aerospace engineering. His diverse experience in IC design and aerospace industry adds valuable dimensions to the project team.

Dr. Ajay K Ajmani, MD has been involved with PMRRS project since its inception, and is focused on medical technology, patient monitoring, and hospital requirements. He is also a consultant at Carolina Central Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, and enabled the hospital partnership for this project. He is also affiliated with University of North Carolina (UNC) Hospital.

Dr. Subramanyam Kanniganti, MD comes from a medical background and adds value from bio-sensing, bioinformatics and forensic perspectives to the futurecity team.

Mr. Tony McCoullogh has worked in the semiconductor industry and brings value of his experience in effort estimation, business development and cost-analysis to the team.

Mr. B S Rathore holds a unique double qualification of being a graduate of Computer Science & Engineering and also LL.M. (Master of Law) degree. He brings value by technical and legal scrutiny of all documents, and acting as Legal Advisor. He is also responsible for creating the website.

Mr. Srinivas Kolhatur, MBA comes from an engineering and management background with extensive experience in database development and brings value to the project team from software development perspective. Srini helps high-tech industries implement Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements to their internal control systems. He has designed and marketed several software package solutions including knowledgebase systems for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Srini has designed and coordinated several offshore-based high-tech IT projects in San Jose, CA to help clients save several million dollars. Srini brings in international exposure to the PMRRS team with his work experience in India, Germany and the U.S. Srini also acts as an investment partner for initial stage ventures concentrating in the niche market.

Ms. Punitha Vinayagam comes from an engineering background (BS, Computer Science) and is a Microsoft Certified Professional, with extensive experience in development of front-end systems. She is a skilled programmer in Microsoft web technologies, has helped companies build scalable, secure system with a user-friendly interface for the last 7 years. She helps high-tech industries implement ASP.NET, SQL Server, PHP based solutions. Puni has designed and implemented several software package solution including E-commerce, RFID and knowledgebase systems. Puni has designed and developed several web based e-commerce solutions for secured financial transactions. Puni brings in technology exposure to the team with her work experience in India, the U.S. and other multi-national companies