Clean Kilash

Welcome to the CleanKailash endeavor of SFUO

Kailash, as you may already know, is the most revered place on the planet. Kailash is sacred to all religions of the world, and is one of the global heritages that we all must honor and protect beyond our lifetimes for the divinity of its very sight to keep inspiring and attracting future generations of humanity to the righteous path.

There is a mystic magnetism about Kailash that everyone can feel by even looking at a picture of the holy mount. The holiness imparted by the virtue of being abode of Lord Shiva to the divine Kailash is at the center of this mystic magnetism. You feel as if Kailash is pulling you towards itself. The divine vibrations can be felt anywhere by gazing at the holy pictures of the divine Mount Kailash.

Every year, thousands among seekers of the divine step out to take on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. To behold awesome beauty of these divine mountains, trekking through some of the most difficult and inaccessible terrains, and standing at an altitude of 20,000 feet during your trek, are all among the experiences of a lifetime.

It would be so nice if all the modern facilities were available at these inaccessible terrains and everyone could be made to feel comfortable. However, owing to the nature of its location and inaccessibility, one has to live with less than perfect amenities and cope with harshness of the weather and nature that is appropriate to such heights.

It is not uncommon to see pilgrims suffering from high-altitude sickness and some of them succumbing to it. As of now, there is no medical facility at the site of holy Kailash that can look after sick pilgrims in an effective manner.

One of the concerns that all pilgrims have on visiting Kailash is about pollution. It is very unfortunate that instead of doing something about it, most of us simply follow the existing trend and have no hesitation in throwing our own trash at the holy sites. Currently, the banks of holy lake Manasarovar have been polluted to the extend that one can notice visible suspended impurities in water collected from the holy lake.

The pollution at Kailash trail (kora) passing through Dolma La has reached an unprecedented level and it is appalling to note that some of the tributaries along the trail feeding the holy Manasarovar are flowing this left over trash into the lake. All the trash that we leave behind is actually circling back to us in the holy water that we bring back with us. We certainly can follow some discipline and help ourselves right there.

With the concerns of cleanliness and lack of medical facilities at the holy site, SFUO has launched this “CLEANKAILASH” project. No one can do it alone. We need your support, advise, involvement, and devotion to complete these ambitious project. Starting with the cleaning effort, and subsequently moving towards establishment of IIIHH (International Institute of Integrated Health and Healing), SFUO needs your help.

Please step in, and be part of the team, and the noble endeavor. From making a donation to becoming a volunteer fund raiser to a volunteer project manager, the opportunities are endless. Your efforts in executing a project of this nature are undoubtedly as holy and divine as undertaking the pilgrimage to Kailash itself.

Click here to download and print the poster for Clean Kailash project, and vertically slice the take-away project website addresses with scissors. Paste or pin this poster at any spot that is noticed by public such as temple, church, workplace, apartment complex notice board/laundry room, or anywhere else you deem appropriate.


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