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 The first IIIHH main campus is planned to be set up in North Carolina. The first satellite campus of IIIHH is planned to be set up in the vicinity of Holy Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. It will bring together various concepts from eastern and western schools of medicine together in an integrated manner to save human lives. The focus of this first campus would be to research treatments for high-altitude sickness, and provide immediate medical facilities for pilgrims and locals in the inaccessible area of Holy Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

The facility will be equipped with basic medical facilities and provide hospital beds, oxygen, medicine, and other needed items like life-saving injections etc. for patients. Besides providing these basic medical facilities, this establishment will gradually evolve to be a center of research and development for integration of conventional and contemporary techniques in medicine from both eastern and western cultures, taking the advantage of both worlds. This ambitious project will bring prosperity to the region, and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship to the locals in the vicinity of Holy Kailash region.  

IIIHH is a project of SFUO, and aims to bring together various disciplines and schools of thought and practice in medical science and technology from conventional to non-conventional in an interdependent endeavor to research and establish the best possible systems and methods for treatment of various medical conditions, healing, and healthy living.

SFUO organized to launch research initiatives in the areas of solar healing and abstract neural networks in collaboration with IEEE…

It is a long way to go, but we have to make the beginning somewhere.. it is an old Chinese saying “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”


Prof. Chow and other researchers and enthusiasts with Hira Ratan Manek at MCNC, RTP, North Carolina, on May 27, 2004: IEEE ENCS Neural Networks Chapter sponsored talk and discussion focused on inter-disciplinary research aspects of Solar Healing


Interview of Sunyogi Uma Sankar in New Delhi, August 2006

Read an invited workshop paper on the potential of Light and Air Therapy to solve various medical conditions…

Workshop at AUSSS Congress Feb 11-14, 2007

‘Light and Air therapy for Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa, and several other conditions’


Non-conventional methods using light and air therapy have been successfully applied for cure of several conditions like Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa, Eye Disorders, Lumbago (lower back ache problems), Hyper-thyroid, and Arthritis. Light therapy has been used by voluntary subjects to reach a stage of partial non-eating, and accompanied weight loss without any adverse side-effects. Research data is available for complete fasting (surviving only on sun-charged water) for 411 days. By performing Pranayam exercises (controlled breathing in specific postures), significant improvement has been achieved for several conditions like Arthritis, Lumbago, and Hyper-thyroid. Air therapy has also proved useful for lowering the risk of heart failure. Combined with yogic eating comprising principally of a raw vegan diet, air and light therapy has significant therapeutic value for curing various medical conditions. It can also be easily integrated into a simple lifestyle, and used as a preventive measure.

It is a challenge for conventional medical science and technology to find scientific explanation for healing by light and air therapy. Human body is a cybernetic system, and any action on one part impacts the other. This cybernetic concept extends to encompass the environment, and it is no surprise that pollution has adverse impact on our health. In this paper, we outline a step by step process, providing scientific explanation, and illustrations explaining the methods for light and air therapy.
An engineer from India became a rare human being with unique capability to draw energy required to meet the needs of human body and brain by simply gazing at the Sun. He became the subject for voluntary research, and data is available for his 411 days fasting, surviving only on sun-charged water. After years of experimentation, trial and error, Hira Manek documented the technique for sun gazing process at Sunyogi Umasankar (also from India) attained surviving without food and water for extended duration.
Air therapy has been widely practiced in various kinds of breathing exercises, and the techniques presented here are an integration of various schools of practice and building upon these techniques with research and experimentation.
A need exists to provide some explanation for the benefit of scientific and technical community to invite their interest and open up a dialog for debate and brainstorming on the subject. And more importantly, engage them in ongoing research initiatives to bring the benefit of light and air therapy to mainstream medical science.
The views reflected in this paper may be considered as ‘food for thought’ to imagine directions beyond the cognitive limits of our specific domains. The nature of light and air therapy is indeed cross-functional and interdisciplinary. While none among us may be able to stake any claims to knowledge of areas other than we specifically deal with, the opportunity lies in the fact that this phenomenon does work and several people across the globe have attained health benefits.
Once a critical mass of momentum and global interest has been gathered, our plan is to establish an International Institute for Integrated Health and Healing (IIIHH) that would enable cross-functional and multi-disciplinary approaches for treatment of various medical conditions. Light and Air therapy, among Homeopathy, Su-Jok, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Virtual Scanning, Herbal treatments by amazing Amazon basin herbs and those from Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese lands, and lines of treatment from other origins are all potential candidates for such integration. Effectiveness of integrating two or more approaches into a line of treatment can be studied and observations documented for future benefit of medical research and humanity.
Light Therapy
In this section, we explain methods for curing eye disorders, obesity, mental disorders, Anorexia Nervosa and several other conditions through light therapy by direct sun gazing. The recommended periods of sun gazing are when UV (Ultra Violet) index is below 2, which is usually within first hour of sun rise and the last hour within sun set. Those with an acute eye condition can start with their eyes closed and look at the sun directly. Those with normal eyes can start looking at the sun during these safe periods (morning is preferable) for a duration that they are most comfortable with, but not abruptly increasing the duration to avoid damage. One can start with a few (from 5 to 10) seconds and gradually build up the practice by increasing the duration of sungazing period, but avoiding any abrupt jump at increasing the duration. Caution and care need to be exercised while attempting sungazing.
Benefits have been reported in cases suffering from poor eye sight and glaucoma. Partial non-eating has been achieved by both Hira Manek and Umasankar.
Voluntary subjects in USA have also reported achieving a stage of partial non-eating. Richard Mertz (California) achieved non-eating for 12 days, and Jason Pintel (Hawaii) achieved eating only 1/3rd of his previously normal diet. Though the stage of non-eating has only be achieved after extended hours of sun gazing, some voluntary subjects have reported achieving cures from depression after two to three months in practice.

The method for suncharging water is simple and straightforward. Fill up a clear glass jar with water, and put it out in the sun. After it has been in the sun for over 4 hours, drink this water. Drinking suncharged water is an important aspect of light therapy. Colored glass may be used for specific medical conditions associated with certain chakras, glands, or parts of the body (see table chart on chakras and attributes in next section).
Air Therapy
Air is vital to life on our planet. We can live without food and water for days, but not even for minutes without air. Pranayam is the technique of controlled breathing in specific postures (mudras) that directs the curative power of air energy to certain parts of human body.
P R A N A Y A M (Yogic Breathing): Prana is universal life energy. We receive much of it as cosmic rays which strike the atmosphere and condense as ionized (negative and positive) charged particles. Breathing is the first human function initiated when we are born and the last to cease when we die. Breath is essential to our life and well being and in essence another form of food. Prana” means “breath”; “Yama” means to “pause”. Pranayama is the study and practice of the control of different aspects of breath (inhalation, exhalation & suspension).

Oxygen contains prana. The conscious practice of controlling prana through regulation of breathing and concentration of mind is called Pranayama. Through this disciplined practice, the body can be rejuvenated to optimal beauty, strength and wisdom and is assured of survival under any conditions. Oxygen enters the lungs and is transported throughout the body by the circulatory system. The prana from oxygen and air is gathered by the nervous system. Oxygen is used in all phases of metabolism to provide energy through combustion. Prana gives the body energy for spiritual and psychic center activity.

In ordinary breathing, we extract very little prana. But through concentrated and consciously regulated breathing, prana can be stored up in the brain and the solar plexus to use when needed for healing oneself and others. All energy starts with prana, is converted to other energy forms, and returns to the original state of prana. Prana manifests as a force of gravity, radiation, electricity, motion, thought forms, magnetism, light, heat. Knowledge and control of prana through pranayama gives one unlimited powers.

Pranayama is successful only when the nerve circuits are purified through a cleansing diet; until then, entrance of prana into the spinal canal is limited. Polluted air prevents prana from entering the divine chambers (sinuses). However, some individuals are able to circumvent these limitations because of inherent high vitality. The practice of pranayama aids in cleaning out mucus and recharging the cells with high electro potential because of the alkalizing effect from increased breathing. Retention of breath builds a strong body and mind, producing the vitality and increased concentration. When the breath becomes steady, the mind becomes calm and steady filling one with bliss. Through energy centralization combined with calm, the endocrine glands are rejuvenated producing clairvoyance: enlightenment and longevity is insured.

Author, along with network consultants, has been researching in this field for several years, and has designed a series of Pranayam exercises for Kundalini awakening. The following table represents the respective significance of chakra termination, and we have designed specific exercises based on Mudras (finger positions in breathing posture).

Charkas: Location, colors, elements, culmination

Charka Location Color Element Culmination Gland Emotion

Muladhara Base of Spine Red Earth Wrist-palm Gonads Desire/Envy/Anger

Svadisthana Root of genitals Orange Water Thumb Adrenal Comparison/Jealousy

Manipura Opp. Navel Yellow Fire Middle finger Pancreas Ego/Forgiveness

Ananhata Opp. Heart Green Air Little finger Thymus Compassion

Vishuddhi Throat Base Blue Ether/Sky Index finger Thyroid Realization

Ajna Mid of Brows Indigo Knowledge Ring finger Pineal Enlightenment

Sahasrara Head Crown Violet Consciousness Center of Palm Pituitary Radiating/Giving

Table: Chakras and attributes (first five charka elements collectively represent energy and space)

Collectively, the charkas represent the entire universe and existence, manifested as an instantiation of the individual.

Air Therapy Exercise Sequence:

In that order, we first prepare to meditate with deep breathing, meditate for a while, followed by ‘Pranayams’ and posture exercises. Most important part is the sequence in breathing exercises (pranayams). It is important to observe a 3 to 4 hour fasting before performing these exercises. The best time is morning, and it is preferred to repeat the exercises once in the evening before dinner. For expedited healing, a third repeat can be performed at noon before the lunch. Yogic diet, preferably consisting of a raw vegan menu of organically grown fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains, wheat grass, aids the healing process. Meditation is also a very important aspect of healing as it sends the right signals from brain to ailing organs to aid in speedy recovery.

The posture is ‘Vajra Asan’ that is sitting on your heels (similar posture to the one that is used for offering ‘Namaz’ prayers), with toes of the feet touching at thumbs, a gap of four fingers between the knees and breathing rhythm is 4:2:5:2 (Inhale-hold-exhale-hold). Each exercise posture has seven cycles of this rhythm to be repeated. All inhaling and exhale is from the nose (except cool-off Dhauti after each series) and as-if from pit of the throat, making a hissing kind of sound. All changes in position or posture must be made at the exhaled stage (Shoonaya Kaal) at the end of a cycle rhythm. As you enhance in the practice, increase the period within each time unit.

There are different sets of exercises in Prayanayams:

1.0: The first sets is just three simple exercises for lower, middle and upper portions of the body (Knishta, Madhyama, Jyeshtha). The flow of air energy is directed to horizontally segmented three portions of the body for charging and healing.

1.1: Knishta: In the first one, hand is placed as an arch between thumb and ridge across index finger at the point where you can touch on your body and feel the last rib. The fingers are held together and each hand position is parallel to the ground.

1.2: Madhyama: In the second one, the hands are shifted to be placed in the armpit, in such a manner that the four fingers of both hands face each-other at breast level.

1.3: Jyeshtha: In the third, arms are moved straight upward in an arc motion, face of hands turned backwards, arms turned at elbows such that hands are lowered down to rest at your back, close to shoulders. Elbows face upward and head is caged within the arms.

1.4: Cool-off (Dhauti): Inhale very deeply and in three forward bends, exhale with a gush and exhale as fiercely and as much as you can, with most of the air (about 90 percent) gone in the first gush, and the remaining in the last two. In a completely ex-haled position, rest the head between knees (you are sitting in Vajra Asan). Stay in this exhaled condition as long as you are comfortable. The whole body is to be completely let loose, as if it does not even belong to you. Just like dead. In that position, forget that you or your body exist. Slowly raise your head, and while rising up, slowly inhale. As you come up, breathe in completely and again, repeat the same sequence of events for cool-off. This to be done three times.

1.5: Stretch: with your one leg straight back and foot bend at toe in a rolling position, bring both arms forward in straight position with hands bend at knuckles, look straight up towards the roof or sky as the case may be, and roll forward to backward. This would be very similar to the manner in which most animals stretch themselves and loosen your stiff muscles.

2.0 The second set focuses on clearing the charkas (subtle energy centers within the body, starting with Muladhaar at base of the spine and rising to Shasrara at crown of the head). Each charka is associated with proper functioning of body organs/ mental faculties and terminate at the finger tips.

2.1: Pratham: Index finger and thumb touch each-other (pressing gently), other fingers straight and together (also known as Chin Mudra, and as you press harder, it transforms to Janana Mudra, the wisdom posture: often encountered in Budha and Yogic meditations). Increases flow of blood to brain. Helps in memory retention, cures insomnia. A good practice may be to press harder during the last 3 cycles and gradually increase the press-hard cycles to 5.

2.2: Dwitaya: Middle finger and thumb touch each-other (pressing gently), other fingers straight and together. Also known as Akash (Sky) mudra, helps regain emotional balance and stabilize digestive system.

2.3: Tritya: Ring finger and thumb touch each-other (pressing gently), other fingers straight and together.
Also known as Prithvi (Earth) mudra. Renews flow of energy and promotes flexibility of mind.

2.4: Chaturtha: Little finger and thumb touch each-other (pressing gently), other fingers straight and together. Also known as Varun Mudra. Removes dryness and blood impurities. Removes kidney related problems.
(You may like to take a stretching break at this point, follow 1.5 above)

2.5: Pancham: All fingers touch thumb (pressing gently). Helps clear all the chakras.

2.6: Chatam: All fingers and thumb stretched out completely, as far as possible, gradually increasing the stretch with practice. Shall increase the flow of energy.

2.7: Saptam: Maintain the fingers position at 2.6 and stretch the hand backward, bending at the wrist, forearms gently resting on the thighs. Helps open the generally blocked Muladhar charka and move the flow to higher charkas.

2.8: Dhauti (follow 1.4 above).

2.9: Stretch: (follow 1.5 above).

3.0 The third set vertically segments the body for directing the flow of air energy to specific body portions for healing and charging. In the following events, it is simply the posture of hand that changes.
The sequence for this set is:

3.1: Prana Mudra: Index and Middle fingers are straight, while little and ring fingers are bent and firmly press against the thumb. Solves general health problems. This mudra is recommended for everyone, for cure and prevention alike.

3.2: Chinmaya Mudra (Index finger and thumb same as Chin Mudra, the remaining three fingers are bend inside in two successive twists)

3.3: Aaadi Mudra (In the shape of a fist, the thumb is bend and folded inside the fist closed tightly).

3.4: Merudhanda (The thumbs Up position, with fist closed, thumb sticking out straight up and bend as mush backwards as possible). Helps increase flexibility and heals the back pain. Variations can be thumbs inwards or downwards, depending on specific location of pain centers in the back.

3.5: Pooran Mudra (Both hands fisted and the knuckles of both hands inter-locked, arms as straight as possible, fists placed as closed to body as possible.

3.6 and 3.7: Cool-off and stretch are same as in the first set above.

4.0 The fourth set is Maha Pranayam and has three stages: Warm-up, Kapaalbhati and exercise.

4.1: Warm-up starts with a slow spot jogging that quickly transforms to an engine-run, with alternate arms pushing forward and jerks of gushing inhale-exhale sequence. After a couple of minutes of engine-run, slow down to a spot jogging and finally walk around for a minute. Next, follow the slow inhale-hold-exhale-hold cycles; starting with exhale from the left nostril. After a complete exhale from the left nostril; hold the breath in exhaled condition. Next, open the left nostril and slowly inhale. Hold in inhaled condition. Open the right nostril and very slowly exhale. Hold in exhaled condition, by closing the right nostril. This is followed by an opening of the right nostril and a slow inhale and hold. Next, exhale from the left nostril and hold. Keep on alternating nostrils in this manner for exhale and inhale sequence. We inhale from the same nostril in a cycle from that we exhale. Complete about ten cycles of this breathing sequence, placing your thumb on the closed nostril and using the last two fingers to open the other one. Two middle fingers are folded. In inhale or exhale hold conditions, both the nostrils are closed by placing thumb on one side and the last two fingers on the other side. This preparatory exercise can be done in any simple posture, like the half or full lotus pose. Together, the combined effect of these exercises is to open the nasal passage in such a manner that both the nostrils are clear. Now, you are ready for the fourth set of posture breathing exercise.

4.2: Kapaalbhati: Get into Vajar Asan (sit on heels pose), get into Poorna Mudra (exercise 3.5) posture and without any deliberate effort at inhaling, get all the air out of your body by slow but powerful jerks breathing out from your nose. With each jerk of breath-out, your diaphragm moves upward as your stomach squeezes inward. These jerks are roughly between 14 to 19, usually at your own pace that lasts just a few seconds for each jerk.

4.3: Maha-Pranayam Exercise: As soon as you are done with the last Kapaalbhati jerk, inhale deeply and completely, bending slightly backwards, providing space for stretching. As you have inhaled completely, hold your breath (air lock) and simultaneously squeeze your anus muscles inside (anus lock) and bend your chin forward, touching the neck (chin lock). These three locks would block air within the body and absorb the energy for healing. Hold only as long as you are comfortable with and after you can’t hold any longer, slowly relax the posture, exhale and release from the final position.

4.4 and 4.5: Cool-off and stretch as usual.

5.0: Lift Charging: these exercise set is meant to charge the limbs and strengthen various parts of the body. Regularly exercising with these charging techniques would reduce the pain in joints and ultimately eliminate those problems.

5.1: In Vajra Asana position, forearms resting on thighs, palms facing upwards, slowly inhale. Maintaining the 4:2, 5:2 rhythm, uplift the hands and keep increasing the imaginary weights on the hands, starting with 10 lbs and increasing it to 50 lbs on each hand (if you can’t take it, then lower the value on weights), holding the extreme value at the top, as you completely inhale while going up and hold the breath. As you come down slowly exhaling, gradually reduce the weight, until you bring the hands completely down and hold in exhaled condition.

5.2: In Vajra Asana position, arms resting by the sides, palms facing upwards, slowly inhale. Maintaining the 4:2, 5:2 rhythm, uplift the hands and keep increasing the imaginary weights on the hands, starting with 10 lbs and increasing it to 50 lbs on each hand (if you can’t take it, then lower the value on weights), holding the extreme value at the top, as you completely inhale while going up and hold the breath. As you come down slowly exhaling, gradually reduce the weight, until you bring the hands completely down and hold in exhaled condition.

5.3: In Vajra Asana position, arms resting on the back, palms facing upwards, slowly inhale. Maintaining the 4:2, 5:2 rhythm, uplift the hands and keep increasing the imaginary weights on the hands, starting with 10 lbs and increasing it to 50 lbs on each hand (if you can’t take it, then lower the value on weights), holding the extreme value at the top, as you completely inhale while going up and hold the breath. As you come down slowly exhaling, gradually reduce the weight, until you bring the hands completely down and hold in exhaled condition.

5.4 and 5.5: Cool-off and stretch as usual.
As far as breathing period is concerned, you can also use a 5:3, 7:4 breathing rhythm (Inhale-hold-exhale-hold), if you evolve to a higher level. It would be good to practice with 4:2, 5:2 for many months before you step to a higher rhythm. One good way to get in discipline in to inhale while walking 5 steps, hold for 2 steps, and exhale in 7 to 10 steps, followed by holding in exhaled condition for two steps and repeating this sequence. Increase the number of steps associated with inhaling, hold, and exhaling, as you practice this simple ‘pranayam’ during your walks. The key is to do it slowly and always taking longer to exhale.

Following the Pranayams, body posture exercises can be done in a flexible routine that combines a variety of floor exercises to balance our specific requirements. There are so many exercise variations that we would never to able to complete the whole set of Yoga and other exercises on any single day. The floor exercise and posture schedule is pretty much an individual recipe for each one of us, as per the requirement of body and focusing on any specific ailments that we may be suffering from. For instance, those intending to lose weight can focus specifically on those exercises that give them direct results to meet this objective. A bare minimum routine of meditation, posture breathing (pranayams) and some floor exercises are a mandatory part of any menu.

It is a good idea to combine some exercises with back on the floor and a few others with belly on the floor. When our back is on the ground, the golden rule is to breathe out as we get towards the final posture position. With our belly on the ground, we have to first inhale and then stretch towards getting in the final posture position. A few stretching exercises in the standing position can form part of an essential daily routine. We can have variations in such a manner that we cover the spectrum of exercises over a weekly period. That would ensure that all the muscles are getting exercised and toned up on a regular basis. Most important part is to relax and cool-off with the Shrava Asan (dead-body posture) at the end of exercising.

While it may not be possible for each one of us to do this complete set of exercising two times everyday as ideally required, we must keep a routine that is simple and easy to follow. The importance of doing it consistently is as much as doing it. If we are able to do it once everyday, that is also great. Budgeting about 35 minutes everyday for this whole bunch of exercising put together in a single session is the required minimum do-able for anyone to expect meaningful results.

Light and air therapy for Anorexia Nervosa disorder

Eating disorders are a serious problem in the U.S. It is estimated 11 million Americans suffer from eating disorders — and the numbers continue to increase as eating disorders affect people across the life span [1].

Several studies have been performed in the past, but there has been no significant finding, and the root causes of AN (Anorexia Nervosa) continue to elude us.

Owing to multidimensional aspect of the AN problem: psychological, physiological, emotional, socio-cultural, and physical, no single line of treatment has so far emerged as a winner. Non-conventional methods like Yogic Breathing (Pranayam), Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Yogic Exercises, Meditation, and Sun Gazing have gained importance as alternative techniques for treatment of various medical conditions.

Light from natural (Sun) and artificial (Lamp) sources can effectively be applied as a supplementary therapy with conventional and non-conventional methods in an integrated approach towards treatment of Anorexia. Depending on patient condition and acceptability, prism can be used as an additive. Biosonic studies with Anorexia patient in a pilot study have shown improvement in condition after light therapy.

Pranayam (breathing exercises) are closely related with light therapy towards yielding an integrated healing effect. The combined effect of light and air therapy has been beneficial in treatment of various conditions. In particular case of AN, the curative impact can be significant owing to meditative approach of this combined healing approach. This has something to do with origins of the AN problem.

In view of global realization that there is no definite line of treatment for AN, there is an urgent need to explore fundamental alternative approaches to research and design new lines of treatment, whether with or without the conventional. As suitable to particular patient conditions, the new lines of treatment can be integrated with the conventional and non-conventional means to effectively deliver a solution.

What is going on in the mind of an AN patient? The root causes for the disease of Anorexia Nervosa are deeply embedded in human psyche. Living in this material world where every human being wants to gain name, fame, and prosperity, the ability to look good has become an essential prerequisite to even make an attempt to ride the first step of ladder to success.

Feminine grace, depicted in show business as perfect curves along the surface of human body, exemplified by models, film stars and figures on glossy magazine covers, drive every young girl to crave for a perfect body structure. So long that one needs to meet the need of human body and has to eat for providing it energy: one not only ends up gaining weight, but also accumulates a burden of guilt. The dilemma of getting caught up between the human physiological need to eat, and the unsaid desire to stay slim and thus not eat, takes many a young females to the extremes of two ends. At one end, she would eat to apt the physiological need of her body, and at the other, driven by her desire to slimness, either not eat at all or even worst, make attempts to throw up the food that has been eaten previously.

The symptoms may not be so apparent, and while it is as yet impossible to read anyone’s mind, the cure is more likely to lie in an integrated treatment that attempts to balance the mind, body and the spirit. Anorexia cases can occur among men and women of various ages.

Solar Healing, as demonstrated by some studies with volunteer subjects, holds the potential to cure Anorexia Nervosa by causing improvement at the fundamental level, treating the very root causes that lead to the problem.

The Solar Healing Intervention would help in curing Anorexia Nervosa on three different fronts, each yielding positive and measurable results.

1. Creating the mind and body balance: As has been testified by various sun gazing practitioners around the world, the sun gazing process helps to first balance and integrate the mind and body with each other, and subsequently integrate these with the spirit. Many practitioners have reported an increase in their consciousness, and waking up to their higher purpose in life. Though it begins with sun meditation, the practice gradually enhances mental clarity and cures a number of mental problems, including depression that is one of the important factors to development of Anorexia Nervosa.

2. Improving the Body Structure: Some sun gazing practitioners have reported increase in bust size, reduced waist lines, and an overall improvement in their being. These improvements shall become strong motivators to enable anyone suffering from Anorexia Nervosa to stay in the practice and even help others by sharing their experience.

3. Reduction in Eating: The practice of continued sun gazing has been known to reduce the requirement of food intake, and stop the craving for fried and fatty foods. Advanced practitioners have demonstrated beyond doubt their ability to live without food for several months without any significant loss in health condition. Since this intervention would help meet the desired objective of non-eating, it is more likely to find acceptance among subjects suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. The safe sun gazing protocol, as established by years of trial, error, correction, research and study, has now evolved to a stage that it can be considered for therapy in various conditions, including Anorexia Nervosa.

Once the “mental correction” is made, by sun gazing and pranayam interventions, the patient gets quickly disciplined to follow a new regimen of balanced and healthy eating.

Preliminary Studies:
We have collected data from our network consultants. This data has been analyzed to observe the patterns. The significance of these patterns has been observed for correlation to potential for Anorexia treatment. The readings from fasting data have been correlated with medical findings: like lowering of the breathing rate and reduction in weight by the practice of sun gazing and breathing exercises. We can relate the psychological need of Anorexia patients to get thin to the potential for weight loss by these practices, and achieving weight loss without any significant loss of health. Following is the analysis of fasting data collected by observing a practitioner of sun gazing and pranayam (yogic breathing exercises). We can find a useful correlation between these exercises and the pattern of lowering in breathing rate and the weight loss while fasting, without any significant loss of health.


Figure: Graph of Breaths/minute: prolonged fasting over a year by light and air therapy (Vertical column indicates number of breaths/minute at the end of each successive month in a 411 days observation on a volunteer subject, practitioner of sun gazing).


Figure: Graph of Weight in Kilograms: prolonged fasting over a year by light and air therapy. (Vertical column indicates weight in kilograms at the end of each successive month in a 411 days observation on a volunteer subject, practitioner of sun gazing).

As per findings reported in [2], pranayam breathing exercises have a positive effect on obese patients. Study was conducted on sixty-three consecutive obese (body mass index greater than 27.8 kg/m2) male subjects.

Yogic treatment in combination with the Su-jok will result in faster relief to the patient. Kapal Bhati Pranayam will remove the Homo (Earthly) energies from the body. Sun gazing in the early hours at the time of sunrise will increase the Hetro energies in the body resulting in the health body and mind (integrating light and air therapy with Su-jok).

Biosonic Studies: We have collected data regarding treatment of an Anorexia patient from one of our network consultants. The biosonic graphs were plotted before and after light therapy. Light therapy has a significant positive impact of the patient, as shown by these graphs.

Measurement of changes for the sunlight research with voice analysis, electrocardiograms and electroencefalograms: SUNLIGHT is responsible for body chemistry and influences the way our glands segregate hormones, as well as neurotransmitters and enzymes.

This SUNGAZING research is specially directed to Anorexia. BIOSONIC Voice analysis is used to look at patterns of change, enthusiasm and enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters being active in the organism, because molecular weight relates to hertz in the Nutritional Sounds database. EEG will be a way to measure stability of wave patterns in thoughts, centering, relaxation, satisfaction in Alpha waves and brain wave synchronization. EKG will give us a measure of happiness, harmony and adaptability in the world via Heart Rate Variability and harmonic coherence. Experiments were conducted with an Anorexic 20 year old young woman with satisfactory results.
She gained significant benefit after sunlight ocular treatment.

Graphs presented here are developed by using the “BIOSONIC software for spectral analysis of the human voice.


Analyzing voice and the changes to define the sunlight treatment is working:
Generally, we have a tone in our voice, and we do get the same consistent voice in the voice analysis plot, with slight changes, with a constant pattern of change, or repetitive to other similar times: the morning voice, the happy voice, the sad voice, when we are tired, when we are excited. One can be able to hear that the voice tone has changed when a person talks about something that gives them excitement and enthusiasm. Always the voice pattern of 12 musical notes presents 6 high stressed notes and 6 low weak notes. We look at the balance between the highs and lows in the musical notes, as well as to the relationship to organs and acupuncture meridians (this research has been done during 12 years with empirical data from real patients). In a period of time that we are stable the voice is consistent, presents similar stressed notes and weak notes.
With some persons the 3 stressed notes is more constant, and with others the 3 weak notes is more consistent. For some persons, their voice changes a lot since early morning to the afternoon, while for others it is different before they eat, because they have metabolic problems when their digestive system is working. But generally, our voice is consistent for a number of years. As the person grows older and is more tired, the voice also becomes lower, with less energy and cannot reach their higher frequencies, it drops around from half and octave to a full octave, in really heavy cases of illness. That is the reason, if we have a lot of hits in the octave below the main octave, it represents an important multiple cellular octave and needs to be taken into account. It will portray a scenario where that organ or related meridian is loosing energy and could express cellular deterioration. We would need to see this consistently appearing in several of the voice analysis to be taken into serious consideration.


In the Chromatic tuner, or piano tuner presentation there could be no or only slight changes in a person during many years, as it is expected if nothing extraordinary has happened. You can also expect persons with a terminal illness, even cancer showing great spirits at that moment and the voice is highly spirited. Showing very little imbalance, almost coherence, similar number in most notes, at that moment we can expect that their immune system and healing system is working, the issue will be how long can she maintain that wonderfully musical voice? It is due that the enthusiasm is present and the natural healing system gives them all enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitter needed for healing. If this is not maintained during months the healing system will weaken and the illness will gain power again. Incoherencies appearing or irregular patterns will indicate that there is a vibration reaction to the treatment, and it only represents a temporary reaction. We need changes… we need people alive and responding to their environment… the same as it is good to have Heart rate variability… it is also good to show at least some change in the voice… it means a person is alive and responding.
What about if there is too much change in the voice? Also, at times a person shows many changes in the voice, and it is different if they talk on a different subject. You can tell just by hearing them that they sound different with each subject matter they speak about, they had a mood swing. Or they are in an unstable period, and it shows in their emotions, as well as in their voices and physical well-being. Their physical well-being and stability is also changing, it is more challenging to decide which is the voice analysis plot we need to take into account to decide the note or frequency to deliver as therapy. Generally, the lowest octave voice is its worse, with less energy and the highest is best, so decide to start how to reach its best voice earlier in the day, to be able to decide which is the best voice plot that we can reach, or obtain. Always choose the one that the voice is lower that presents less energy.

Changing the voice with sunlight:
First of all we need to establish when a voice analysis or a voice plot shows that the person has become better or that the voice is better now than before the treatment. We will be able to expect a complete change in the health of an individual when we see the voice does a complete turn around and becomes coherent. The lows become high and vice-versa. It is happy and joyful that is why it is coherent. Meaning it has almost the same of all the notes and in the FFT is like a river without curves or with no ups and downs. The voice always becomes clearer, with a higher tone, this means that the main octave has gone up in a few notes. For example if a woman has C and C# in the mid C octave and the rest in the -1 octave, when she is happy and coherent (similar amount of hits for each note), D and D# will have gone up to the Mid C octave too, and that made the weak notes became filled up. There are no more highs and lows. Even the 3 high notes can become the 3 low ones, but with smooth transitions or differences.

Virtual Scanning:

Virtual Scanning [24-57??] technology was devised at the University of Krasnoyarsk during the period 1986-1996. I.G.Grakov initially identified the basic methodology whilst working on the development of lasers for medical and therapeutic applications. A multidisciplinary team was established which finally resulted in the first prototype in the early-mid 1990’s.
In Russia Virtual Scanning technology is more widely known by the brand name STRANNIK. It is now used in over 250 medical institutes in Russia and Ukraine and is approved by the Russian and Ukraine Ministries of Health. Virtual Scanning technology is being continuously developed and the newer version was launched in Russia during 2004.
Virtual Scanning Psychometric assessment has been compared with the results of Medical assessment and/or diagnosis by independent and established medical diagnostic procedures.
As the technology involves the use of a computer, and is completely non-invasive, and that each test takes typically 15-20 minutes, it is possible to make a cheap and rapid evaluation of the technology by accessing patients at specific treatment centers and/or clinics e.g. the evaluation of patients with behavioral disorders could be undertaken at a clinic in any regional hospital where the results for each patient are already available.
All mental and behavioral disorders have a biochemical basis therefore this technology is applicable to patients with Behavioral Disorders including Anorexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Dyslexia, Dysarthria, Dyspraxia, Autism, Aspergers Disease, etc.
It will have greater interest to Psychologists where the capability to have the health assessment, and psychometric profile from the identical test procedures clearly illustrates the inter-relationship between specific health issues, mental health and behavior.
Psychology is currently subjective in its nature as a result of the inability of technology to relate behavioral issues to the health of the patient. Virtual Scanning is the first specific technology to relate the psychometric/behavioral profile of the patient to their physical/biological health. It enables Psychology to move from a subjective basis to an objective basis.

As a Therapy for Anorexia:

We can prove effectiveness of Virtual Scanning therapy in treatment of medical conditions with a somatic or psychosomatic basis, which have not yet progressed to the point of becoming chronically irreversible. Since it involves the use of a computer, is completely non-invasive, and each test takes typically 15-20 minutes for accessing patients at specific treatment centers and/or clinics, we can provide a Therapeutic program for patients to undertake on their home computers, and monitored by their local treatment center.

Many behavioral traits are learned as we evolve in an adaptive manner through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Specific traits such as underachievement in the education process, perhaps due to dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, low IQ – these conditions often evolve from early emotional problems which create stress and subsequently have an effect upon the child/person’s mental and physical development – which may effectively disqualify the person from the educational and social processes and lead to a life of deviant behavior. Using Virtual Scanning, we can address the medical issues which have been responsible for deviant behavior and hence alleviate the causes for crime and social disruption.

Indeed, the increasing amount of research into Dyslexia and other medical conditions which are considered to have a neural basis, and which are treated by psychologists and psychiatrists, points increasingly to the various and fundamental biochemical basis for all such medical conditions. Such medical conditions are related to environmental issues e.g. poor diet, the effect of additives, the effect of electromagnetic radiation (TVs, cinema, electrical appliances, mobile phones, etc), premature and unnatural birth, air travel, poor quality of water and air, etc. These issues manifest as changes to the body’s regulatory mechanisms, the production of stress and of chemicals which depress the body’s natural physiology, etc.

The test procedure, and the associated mathematics of the program, is able to construct the Virtual Bio-mathematical Model of the person and to compare the results of the test procedure with the Virtual Bio-mathematical model in order to assess the deviations from the norm which are related to specific medical conditions.

Using this data a therapeutic program is calculated which is specific for each person and for their precise medical conditions. Specific treatment modules are able to address the most destabilized functional systems e.g.

(1) that sustains Optimal Cell Content of Blood,
(2) that provides Optimal Volume of Circulating Blood,
(3) that sustains Optimal pH Level,
(4) that Determines the Optimal Level of Osmotic Pressure in the Body,
(5) that sustains Optimal Quantity of Glucose in Blood,
(6) that sustains Optimal Level of Blood Pressure,
(7) that sustains Optimal Breathing Levels,
(8) that sustains Optimal Digestion Levels,
(9) that sustains Optimal Body Temperature,
(10) that sustains Optimal Extraction Level,
(11) that sustains Optimal Sexual Functions,
(12) that sustains Optimal Position of Body in the Environment,
(13) that sustains Optimal Sleeping Pattern; and to address specific health and
performance requirements
(14) that sustains Optimal Locomotion, Communication and Manipulation;
(15) that restores Natural Sexual Activity
(16) that recovers Comfortable Body Weight (i.e. in issues of excess weight and of
(17) protection from Physical Factors (e.g. in the case of performance-oriented tasks and
(18) protection from Chemical Factors (e.g. when recovering from chemotherapy),
(19) protection from Biological Factors (e.g. when recovering from viral or bacterial
(20) protection from Psycho-Emotional factors.
Virtual Scanning can also be effectively applied in analysis of the Anorexia patient condition, and to study the effectiveness of light and air therapy interventions.

Research design and methods:

We plan to treat each AN patient in a unique manner. At any stage, the primary importance would be accorded to patient well-being, and if hospitalization is required and conventional treatment warranted, that would be administered. Our plan is to initiate alternative interventions only when the medical condition of a patient is stable enough to allow such intervention. Thus, we plan on light and air therapy as an intervention over and above the conventional or non-conventional, as the case may be. There are some common attributes that can lead to identification of generalized patterns that can help us to define the root cause and adapt a suitable approach with Anorexia patients. However, overall consideration that all AN patients can be treated by adopting a common approach can become very limiting. Individual traits, socio-cultural background, family situation, perception mechanism, specific medical conditions, and several other circumstantial scenarios, which can drastically vary from case to case, can limit generalization.

The first thing we plan to do is listen to the patient, in a very patient and unbiased manner, and discover the truth of their life story. We would need to identify all the important factors that influence the life, perceptions, and decision making AN patient. Rather than pure counseling that can be viewed as an ‘advise giving’ mechanism, our approach would be to relate to the patient at emotional level, and find out the reality of their case. The facts such gathered can be plotted on a ‘System Dynamics’ model, and causal loops generated, to identify the root causes and factors that can influence to cause an improvement. This can range over a wide horizon, and each model would emerge as specific as the individual case. System Dynamics has been applied to model complex scientific, technical, social and psychological problems [4].

Several factors like age, preferences, socio-cultural background, and aims in life can drastically impact the shaping of this model. After we have identified the root causes, we would perform an analysis to determine the most appropriate treatment, with or without the light and air therapy, and the plan would include a diet regimen that is most suitable to the patient, with significant raw vegan food intake (if suitable to particular patient condition and preference) for its known effectiveness in aiding the healing process with pranayam exercises. We would then go back to the patient and discuss a suitable arrangement for treatment. The approach at this stage would be to give them an exposure to various alternatives that exist, and plan a course of action, that is in agreement with the patient. Educational and awareness building materials like videos, published papers, books etc. may be used as supplementary tools.

The overall research methodology can be summarized in following steps:

1. Patient Life Narrative
2. System Dynamics Model
3. Identify Root causes and patient medical condition
4. Develop a treatment plan (conventional/non-conventional/with or without light therapy) that includes a diet plan (significant raw food intake)
5. Patient Agreement: Yes/No: If no, refine, or redefine
6. Administer Treatment: Conventional/non-conventional, with/without light and air therapy, as suitable
7. Observations, data gathering, collection in database repository
8. Periodic observation/collection of Biomedical parameters, and neuro-engineering related parameters
9. Examination for Improvement by testing and measurement (lab)
10. Data analysis (by means of software program)
11. Intervention evaluation
12. Results
13. Publish, present at conferences, website
14. Feedback, Refine the methodology/procedures, Redefine the philosophy
15. Maintain patient contact/ relationship, using PIN/UIN (patient identification number/universal identification number) for future data gathering and analysis
16. Periodic Patient contact / feedback

Development of a treatment plan is based on two major considerations: heuristic data about success of a particular treatment approach in similar cases, and patient acceptability to the proposed line of treatment. For instance, if medical condition of the patient suggests that Homeopathy has been applied successfully in the past, this approach can be discussed with the patient, and the past success data shared with them. However, if the patient declines a certain line of treatment owing to personal preference or emotional reasons, we need to respect that and consider an alternative. The efficacy of a specific treatment is highly dependent on patient acceptance: emotionally and physically. The crux of our approach is to deeply involve the patient, such that they feel related to the treatment. Over and above any specific line of treatment, for which previous data may be available, light and air therapy would be added as a supplement. Patients would be observed for the change in attitude and behavior, with specific regard to their acceptability of the integrated treatment and its response on their system.

Research Operations:

In a networked organization, Patient Welfare division of futurecity Inc. ( can provide the lead and direction for research. The network consultants and collaboration partners can recruit and administer the patients. Our plan is to tap the expertise of each collaboration partner in the vertical of their specialty, and provide them with a broader framework to integrate light and air therapy by combining their traditional treatments with these practices. In case of the availability of a grant, we shall be allocating patient care funds to each collaboration partner. They would document each case and provide the feedback. These inputs would be captured in the database repository and subsequently applied to build the ‘knowledge base’ on the subject.

Human Subjects Care: A safe sun gazing protocol has already been established, and if followed correctly, there is no risk of any damage. However, if safe sun gazing protocol is not followed, there is a risk of some damage to the eyes. All human subjects would be enrolled on a voluntary basis. A safe sun gazing practice protocol shall be disclosed to them. If they participate in these research studies, they would be regularly monitored. Though some sun gazing practitioners have reported improvement in eye sight, we shall closely monitor all subjects. All necessary tests and regular eye exams shall be carried out to monitor patient condition.

HCUPS and MEPS Compliance: The data interoperability can be addressed by XML format that is transparent to any system, and is the de-facto industry standard for interoperability between heterogeneous systems.

Data Confidentiality: The data collected from the patient, is retained as confidential. The UIN/PIN references will correlate global data with regard to aiding diagnostic and treatment, and will be available only to authorized medical personnel. There is no issue with relation to privacy or confidentiality of data with the development and implementation of this intervention.

Risk Assessment/Hazards: If safe sun gazing protocol is followed, there is no risk of any damage. However, if sun gazing is carried out at times when UV index is higher than 2, there is likelihood of damage to the eyes. This issue can be addressed by appropriate patient education, and undertaking that they would refrain from sun gazing during unsafe hours. Also, periodic eye exams can be conducted to monitor eye condition of sun gazing/light therapy practitioners. If light therapy is conducted with artificial sources, due care shall be taken to apply therapy as per established medical procedures. Breathing exercises (Pranayam) have not been known to cause any side effects, what so ever. As such, there is no risk associated with air therapy.

Evaluation: The framework based on FIA (Flexibility, Integration, and Automation) has been applied for evaluation of alternative technology design options for effectiveness [8]. Within the scope of this intervention, the FIA framework can be used to model user feedback and cause improvements in the future system, as applicable.

UIN /PIN database access, data correlation, and grid computing to aid diagnosis: patient data can be collected by partners in the collaboration network and posted in the database repository using PIN (Patient Identification Number) schematic. Using UIN (Universal Identification Number) as a Global Reference Identifier (GRI) with all Anorexia data is associated PINs, this data can be analyzed to aid in diagnostics and treatment with grid technology.

The UIN/PIN system is linked to a bioinformatics identification and medical database that can be immediately accessed online by authorized emergency rescue teams and hospitals or medical service providers. These records pertaining to the UIN/PIN holder establish identity and are instantly available to help in saving life by advance preparedness. Anorexia patients shall stand to benefit by this system for immediate rescue, response, diagnostics and treatment in case of a medical emergency.
When this data is inter-related by UIN/PIN cross-referencing, grid computing technology can be effectively deployed to generate patterns for aiding diagnosis and treatment.

Other UIN/PIN Systems with Anorexia data
Secured Network Access Anorexia Database/ backup

Front-end J2EE-J2EE RMI interoperate Legacy/other systems

Fig: UIN/PIN IT Architecture for global inter-system operation


Front-end J2EE-J2EE RMI interoperate Legacy/other systems

Fig: UIN/PIN IT Architecture for global inter-system operation

Perspectives on the process of Light Therapy:
When the light is radiated from a potent heat source, like the Sun, the star of our system, it pierces through the space to reach the destinations far and wide, as far as it can travel. Of course, there is an attenuation factor, similar to (4pd/?)² as the path loss, something that all electro-magnetic radiation has to suffer as it propagates (d is distance and ? is the wavelength). The light emitted from an energy source like a lamp seemingly travels only as far as we can see it before attenuation drops it to an unnoticeable level below the perception of human vision.
Each ray of the sun continually carries an unspecified amount of energy that is either absorbed by the spot at which it falls, or keeps building a latent potential within the ray itself. It is eventually this latent potential present within each ray that can be termed as ‘cosmic energy,’ something that can be tapped out of the atmosphere as and when required. When the sunlight falls upon the earth, it imparts energy to the point that receives that ray of light. Over the millenniums of existence of the planet, it is this energy that imparts sustenance to planet and its peripheral atmosphere in several ways, some of which becomes a source for the force of gravity.
The earth taps only a small fraction of the rays transmitted by Sun. The Sun is perpetually in motion and so is our planet, thus it is obvious that each time we encounter a different ray, though the continuum of persistence creates an illusion that it is the same ray of light. It is the phenomenon of continuity of this differential that holds the feature to impart an unspecified amount of cosmic energy to the point of encounter, or reception. Each wave, as we encounter it, imparts the energy and moves on. What we keep receiving continually are different rays of electromagnetic radiation, each one holding an unspecified and possibly varying potentials of cosmic energy. An appropriate system and method of reception may tap the cosmic energy, possibly stored as a potential in the electromagnetic rays of light emitted by a star.
Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. When we switch on and power up a computer, we use the capability of its processor and the methods within the procedures of its system software programs like operating system to execute the application software specific to the task. The end result is accomplishment of a task, the delivery of data or output that is in the form of some evolved information. The relevant information evolves from the universe of data that may or may not be relevant to the task. It takes the context specific to the task that differentiates whether the data is relevant to the application or not. Though there are millions of processors simultaneously engaged in processing, each one of those is dealing with a different set of data and some of those share a common operating system and all of them share a common network: the internet.
We can look upon a human being in a very similar manner. Each one of us is operating under a different set of circumstances that become our specific data set. We are all capable of processing the data and inferring from the information around us. All of us are indeed capable of connecting to the entire universe and communicating in the inter-galactic communication system through an ANN (Abstract Neural Network), gaining access through intuitive seats in our mind for a higher level of knowledge. If that was not so and we were products of merely a linear thought model, then no Newton would imagine gravity by observing an apple fall and no Einstein would have come out with an E=MC².
That is as far as processing of data, inferring from it and being engaged in the process of evolution of knowledge is concerned. Common to all human beings is the need for energy, analogous to the power on which the computer runs to deliver its assigned task. We take our inputs from different sources. Among the foremost sources are the Sun, Air, Water, Earth and Sky. The Solar energy constantly feeds us and it also charges the sky, through which we keep absorbing the needed energy that is stored as a latent potential. The Air is also charged with the latent potential of Solar energy and acts like a combustible fuel that imparts oxygen through the breathing process. The water is charged with Solar energy upon cycles of rain, flow and sublimation and water simply transfers that latent potential to human machines as it is cycled through our system. The earth, through direct contact, imparts us the energy. Also, through all the food that we eat, we essentially again intake in some combination the five basic elements or ‘Panch Tatva,’ (Sanskrit name for 5 basic elements) namely the Sun (or Fire), Earth, Water, Sky and Air.
Sun gazing is a technique that puts directly the power from its source, doing away the need for some intermediate conversion processes, into the system of human machine. One may think of it as a more refined or reengineered process, or a superior software program that effectively delivers through the human machine system, cutting out some loops and procedures. At one extreme is the documented case of Giri Bala [3], the women who did not eat or drink anything. Perhaps she had access to a very superior code that directly enabled her to absorb the potential of latent cosmic energy and convert it to a form suitable for human machine. Consider that this superior code was accessed by Giri Bala through Abstract Neural Network. The other extreme is all human beings who can’t survive without food.
In between these two extremes lies the sun gazing technique pioneered by Hira Ratan Manek and Uma Sankar. This light therapy holds the potential to solve the world food problem and free humanity from the clutches of hunger by training human beings at large to live off the Solar Energy. Opening up the faculties of mind, the hidden potential of human processor cum transceiver (brain) is activated to gain access to ANN, the network that opens up the gateways to inter-galactic communication. Through this network, each human being is engaged in the inter-galactic process of evolving knowledge and enhancing consciousness to a higher level.
Gaining access to a higher level of the knowledge, human mind can acquire the ability to ‘think out of the box,’ by activating intuitive seat of the brain. Sun gazing is a process that helps in activating the intuitive seat of human brain by imparting some special energy transformation at the neural level and increasing the activity of some endocrinal glands. An important observations by Dr. Shah [6] is that pineal gland is enlarged after sun gazing. This observation is important in relation to photosensitive nature of this gland and the vitality of its role in controlling functions of other glands and organs.
Many features of sun gazing are out of the scope of explanation by the limited set of contemporary research. Even building a hypothesis from an overview of bio-chemical, electromagnetic, bio-medical engineering, photosynthesis, botany, genetics, neural/knowledge or consciousness engineering and brain wave technology perspectives by itself is a challenge. One may take a more practical approach here, contrary to the conventional. In the conventional approach, we almost linearly progress from the pedestal of existing findings and build a hypothesis by some inference or observation (some intuitive part is always involved) and then carry out a series of experimentation to test the hypothesis.
The suggested approach to find a workable explanation light therapy phenomenon is to see and observe what ‘works’ and then find a scientific reasoning for it, cutting across various known disciplines of science and technology and laying down a hypothesis. While it would never be possible to even lay down a hypothesis without some element of the unknown, yet unexplained substance in it, what may work is to reverse the approach to research. After we lay down several conflicting or complementing/supplementing views, some of which may be merely a flight of imagination coupled with facts from the existing research, the collective synergy can be reaped to a gainful mass by brainstorming and following an iterative process of elimination, imagination and consolidation. This can emerge from the sea of often conflicting and seldom supportive views that can be debated to supplement or complement the core hypothesis, once it emerges. It may become a debate that cuts across the boundaries of medical science, bio-chemical, electromagnetic field, knowledge, genetics, neural and consciousness engineering.
The narrow perspective, specific to our domain of research can be effectively utilized for the analysis of light therapy phenomenon. Painting the global picture to form a core hypothesis would require some synthesis skills on our part.
In the following sections we look at some possibilities of explanation from difference science and technology perspectives to explain the light therapy phenomenon:
The Cosmic Energy perspective:
Nikola Tesla, the great scientist who had migrated to United States upon invitation by Edison, had successfully powered a car with lots of energy to spare for powering a home by building a mechanism that he termed as capturing the ‘cosmic energy.’ While Tesla had experimented with cosmic energy from the perspective of energizing homes and automobiles, it is likely that the light therapy phenomenon is a process of energizing the human machine that is the brain and the body.
The Metaphysical perspective:
Considering the change that the world is undergoing, light therapy phenomenon is an enabler in the transition process that shall evolve our planet and those who live on it to a higher level of existence [3]. Both nanotechnology and the light therapy phenomenon are technology and scientific procedures that aim at de-materializing the world. To that extent, the light therapy phenomenon by itself can emerge as an independent field of technological research and scientific inquiry. The damage caused by the human race over the past hundred years in the name of industrial revolution to our planet can now be reversed. Opening the gateway to abstract neural networks, light therapy phenomenon can quickly enhance the capability of human processors cum transceivers (brain) to unlock mysteries of the unknown by developing intuitive insights to realities of the universe.

The Botany and Photosynthesis perspective:
A casual observer looking at some species in an aquarium may find it hard to make the distinction between some under-water life forms. A fish with fins extended like floral petals may pass for a plant or a coral may pass for a perceived plant and some plants may look like species from the animal kingdom. While the under-water species are likely to create such potential confusion, the ground surface distinctions between species are expected to be a more straightforward distinction. Going by the Darwin’s theory of evolution, how and when do human species acquire the capability to absorb the required power for body machine directly from the primary sources of energy? Does the light therapy phenomenon transition from the boundaries of separate distinctions between kingdoms and is in a way an integration that opens up the possibilities in the animal kingdom to follow the processes of the plant kingdom? If so, is this the next stage of evolution that marks a distinct transition from hitherto survivability and growth of human species on the inputs from both kingdoms as food?
The Genetic perspective:
The hibernation gene is dominant is some species that build up reservoirs of fat and draw upon it during the period of inactivity. Humans also have the hibernation gene and the process of losing weight through prolonged fasting, as practiced in some cultures, brings the hibernation gene to activity. Light therapy phenomenon may seem to be initially drawing upon activities of this gene, as can be evident from the initial weight loss suffered by Mr. Manek during his fasting periods. As the fasting is prolonged, the process of energizing the human machine through sun gazing is taken over by another, yet unexplained process. Moreover, the distinction here is that Mr. Manek is not inactive during the periods of fasting.
Refer to the following study reported by Tim Lucas (Source: UniSci, Daily University Science News, 02-Feb-2000, URL:
Learning How Animals Hibernate Can Help Humans:

Each winter, hibernating animals perform one of the great physiological marvels of the natural world. Burrowed in their dens, they survive months of bitter cold without food by lowering their heart rates, metabolism and body temperatures to levels that, in humans and other nonhibernating mammals, would be fatal. Scientists have long understood why animals hibernate. But how they perform this amazing transformation — exactly which genes control its onset in autumn and its reversal come spring — has largely remained a mystery. Now, thanks to a pioneering five-year study by North Carolina State University geneticists, the pieces of that genetic puzzle are starting to come together.

Dr. Matthew Andrews and his research team have identified and mapped two genes for enzymes that play important roles in hibernation in ground squirrels, and have discovered that these genes are nearly identical to ones found in non-hibernating mammals, including humans.

Because the genes are found in all mammals, not just in species that hibernate, the study’s findings have implications far beyond the field of zoology, Andrews says.

” If we can identify the enzymes responsible for preserving organs, reducing glucose consumption and maintaining muscle tone during an extreme state like hibernation, physicians could use that knowledge to develop new strategies for prolonging the ‘shelf life’ of human organs intended for transplants or for helping humans suffering from starvation, muscle atrophy, hypothermia and hypoxia,” he explains.

One of the genes identified by Andrews and his research team controls the production of pancreatic triglyceride lipase (PL), an enzyme that breaks up triglycerides — stored fatty acids — and converts them into usable fats for fuel in the hibernating ground squirrels.

The second gene encodes the production of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isozyme 4 (PDK-4), an enzyme that is triggered during times of starvation and helps conserve the body’s stores of glucose. Both genes are expressed in the squirrels’ hearts at or just before the onset of hibernation.

Andrews’ findings also may be of interest to evolutionary biologists. If hibernation is controlled by the differential expression of existing mammalian genes, as the research suggests, then the identification of these genes could provide insight into how other mammals could adapt (or how, long ago, their ancestors did adapt) to extreme environmental changes.

In the future, they might even help scientists safely induce a hibernation-like state in astronauts during long-term space travel.

Andrews first reported the identification of the two genes in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ in 1998. Since then, he and his team have mapped the genes, documented more fully how and when they’re turned on in hibernating ground squirrels, and how this differs from their expression in non-hibernating mammals. (Pancreatic lipase (PL), for instance, is usually expressed in the pancreas of nonhibernating mammals, not the heart.)

Further studies are being conducted on both summer-active and hibernating animals to identify and isolate additional gene sequences.

(Note: This study was funded by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and the U.S.
Army Research Office. Dr. Andrew Matthews is currently researching at University of Minnesota at Dulles).

An interesting observation here is that the pancreas gland that is associated with the hibernation gene in mammals (including humans) instead of heart in squirrels, is indeed related to the Surya (Sun or Fire) element and the Manipura Chakra (Middle finger for mudra and acupressure) as per study of Prof. Umesh C Rai, author of ‘Medical Science Enlightened’ [5].
The Electromagnetic and Bio-chemical perspective:
All electromagnetic (EM) waves have a radiation component of trans-electric and trans-magnetic fields. The contemporary research is limited to study of waves with a positive frequency. The visible light spectrum itself lying between the range of ultraviolet to infrared does not limit the possibility of association of more components, yet unexplained, with light radiation from the sun. It is likely that some components of negative frequency are associated with light radiation and those are yet to be identified and researched upon. Once we are able to generate negative frequency waves and study their association with radiation from the Sun, it may become feasible to find some possible explanation through study of relationship between the modes of such wave components and human brain functionality as a transceiver and processor. Just like we are aware of the Trans-Electric (TE) and Trans-Magnetic (TM) vectors associated with EM waves of the positive frequencies, negative frequency waves may have some similar associations that can be subjects of future research.
The universe is electromagnetic. The electricity and magnetism are associated with all phenomenon and processes of conversion. Even when one form of energy is changed to another form, there is some electromagnetic release or absorption in the process of conversion. It may be one of such releases that is causing some unexplained effect on the human bio-chemical body machine and brain. From black holes in the universe, to light radiation absorption by the human body, every element of existence, minute to the atomic level and cell level, electro-magnetic properties are related to all that is there and some abstract wave binds that all pervading electromagnetism in an interdependent connection. That is where the bio-chemical perspective of the human body machine and brain becomes an important link to electromagnetic universe and may become the basis to explain the ANN functionality. As such, a dissection of the human brain may not reveal any knowledge/information stored or reveal its capability to establish abstract neural connections. Knowledge and consciousness engineering, abstract neural networks are important and interesting subjects of future research.
The Nutrition perspective:
The light therapy phenomenon enables an inversion of the traditional food pyramid. In this new paradigm, the top of the food pyramid becomes broader and starts with the cosmic energy represented by the Sky element. The next layer is the energy from Air, followed by Solar, Water and the Earth. Giri Bala [3] was living off some combination of the top three elements of the inverted pyramid. She was not taking any food or water in any form, what so ever.
The inverted pyramid relates to intake of contemporary food like plants and meats in most forms as sub-element constituents of the earth. Rising from a lower block to the one above in the pyramid, one can gradually acquire abilities to live off some proportion of each element in the pyramid.


The Yogic perspective:
As per Vedanta, the entire universe is interconnected and interrelated in an inseparable bond of interdependence. The essence of the knowledge in Rigveda, the oldest book of the world, is to let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. Considering that the Sun is the source of creation and sustenance of the solar system of which our planet and we all are part, there is an intra-system relationship between living beings and the star. Starting with Sun meditation and gradually advancing to the technique of Sun gazing, one builds a personal relationship of interdependence with the star. This practice by itself opens up a gateway to the Abstract Neural Network (ANN).
The Medical Science perspective:
The pineal gland activation by solar gazing process is likely to have something to do with ANN activation. Also, the photosynthesis process is not merely limited to the plants. The light therapy with direct sun gazing is a process by which humans can gradually activate the relevant endocrine glands. This gradual activation may be a helping factor in transcending to a higher stage. This stage is of acquiring the capability to directly receive the required energy for powering up the body machine and brain by the original source, eliminating the conversion loss as it relates to efficiencies of energy transition through the food chain processes. In the history of evolution, does this mark a step up to the next stage for human beings?

The ANN and Brain Wave Technology perspective:
Abstract Neural Networks, a subject of research for the Brain Wave Technology discipline, are an abstract interconnection of inter-galactic knowledge processors that seek data and information from experimentation with different forms of energy. The human brain is one type of ANN processors cum transceiver that is capable of receiving intuitive knowledge through the medium of ANN. After processing that knowledge with experimentation in various fields of energy manifestation in the universe of existence like this planet, the enhanced knowledge is deposited in the repository of ANN database. Research in the human brain to the computer connection area has been going on at the Rutgers University where the first human brain to computer connection was established. At Duke University, transceivers were planted in mice brain and living creatures were remotely controlled to walk straight on a rail track. Does light therapy phenomenon open up a gateway to an inter-galactic knowledge network that implants the knowledge related to a higher stage of evolution? Are humans now becoming capable of acquiring capabilities that were unknown so far?
Integrating the perspectives:
While we can find several theories within the confined domains of each specific field that can possibly make an attempt at explaining the light therapy phenomenon, the fact of matter is that there is no existing hypothesis that completely explains as to how it works. We need to lay down a hypothesis, considering the cross-functional nature of this phenomenon. The most important aspect it brings out is that of interconnection and interdependence, both inter-system and within the systems of human brain and body machine, planet, star and universe that we know of and may be, even beyond. It would help to accept the limitation of our own specific domain knowledge as much of the contemporary stage of scientific and technology progress. This acceptance would open up gateways to lateral thinking, a shift from the linear thinking and perception modes that have conditioned us to a confinement of the specifics.
The trinity of all creation and existence in Vedic philosophy and Hindu mythology is Brahma (creation), Vishnu (sustenance) and Shiva (destruction and recycling, better to be known as ‘dissolution’). We may also consider the trinity of existence as consciousness, knowledge and energy as the three basic ingredients to all creation. The Shiva aspect relating to consciousness, the Brahma aspect relating to the knowledge and the Vishnu aspect relating to the energy, further research with light therapy phenomenon may explain the deeper aspects of this interconnection and interdependence between the three primary elements of all existence. The ultimate truth, the Super Consciousness, or Brahman: the source and ultimate destination of it all may get a little closer to human comprehension by a deeper study with light therapy phenomenon. The ANN aspect can come in to bridge the gap between physical and the metaphysical in this case.

The potential of light therapy phenomenon:
Broad social impact: if we were not engaged in the process of producing food, an occupation for the majority of population in the under-developed world and for minority among population in the developed world, what would it mean for the global community? Shall most people from the agriculture sector face the same situation that engineers have faced in the recent past? Or shall the humanity be freed to pursue a higher purpose? Light therapy phenomenon may be an enabler of the shift that is changing mode of existence for our planet and those who live on it [4].
Environment: First, the rain forests and the vast acres of trees cleared for cultivation can be replenished to restore the rapidly damaged environment over the past 100 years in the name of industrial progress. Next, opening up the hidden and hitherto unknown faculties of the human mind can lead to new paradigm in engineering the experience and perception of humanity that can lead to any directions. One of the directions may be the development of system and methods that eliminate the need to travel and physical presence at a destination to capture the moment of experience.
A research in this field may lead to a yet another form of ‘Virtual Reality,’ the kind that captured the images of live ‘Mahabharatha’ by Sanjay as he narrated the sequence of events in the battle of Kurukshetra to King Dhritrashtra of Hastinapur (a town in Northern India). The great epic of Mahabharatha is well documented in Gita, the revered scripture translated in all major languages of the world. While that was a five thousand year old event, it is relevant to the possibilities that the light therapy phenomenon may open up to extend the capabilities of various faculties of the human mind and body machine. If the need to travel and transport foods is eliminated, even to a certain extend, it can go a long way in restoring the balance of our damaged environment to pre-industrial era.
Obesity and Hunger: A problem that has come to become the curse of a nation from the girth around expanding waistlines can be effectively solved by following the light therapy system and method. US Surgeon General warns of obesity as a deadly killer, worst than terrorist attacks. Sun gazing can become the source of human energy and revitalization. The need for food eliminated, light therapy phenomenon holds the potential of a double-edged sword to reduce the bursting waistlines of America and solve the hunger problem in the under-developed world. Thus, it is a positive step towards building interdependence between nations, doing away with the reasons that build hatred, jealousy and ill feelings.
De-addiction: Alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, excessive meat-eaters, sex or stock-obsessed individuals can take to sun gazing as a therapy that would gradually bring them to balance and rid them of the obsession. The balance here is to transform the faculties of perception within human brain. The immediate change can be to visualize life differently.
Medical Insurance: One of the major hurdles facing Americans to afford a living in is the rising cost of Health Insurance. The light therapy phenomenon, coupled with the “healing with breathing” and other nature techniques holds the potential to rid the Americans and people all over the world to eliminate medical insurance expenses to a large extent. Instead, emergencies like flip fall and road accidents can be covered by the state or a cheap plan. Many times, the monthly medical insurance bill is more than the apartment rental for an American family. With the economic downturn, when many Americans didn’t have a paying job, this rising cost had become an issue for survivability of American families.
Global Peace and Integration: With the focus shifting from immediate misery like hunger and health problems, light therapy phenomenon can be an effective tool to deal with facing the major global issues and free the human resources to work towards creating a culture of peace and building goodwill among nations. This can ultimately be the platform that lays the foundation to integrate the globe as a single, undivided nation. To that extend, light therapy can truly become a global Human Resource Management technique.
Research and Development: light therapy phenomenon opens up new vistas for research in the field of science and technology. Looking beyond the realms of the known, there lies the potential in this research to unfold some unexplained facts and build on the potential of bridging the gap between physical and metaphysical. What has mostly remained non-funded and unstructured research on the light therapy phenomenon so far must quickly be transitioned to an organized R&D with appropriately earmarked budgets to meaningfully gain from the potential of this unique opportunity. A pretended procrastination and apprehensions about mass acceptance by closed minded society are not strong enough reasons to lose the potential of an opportunity that is extremely rare in the history of human kind. While Giri Bala episode was only partially documented given inaccessibility to the remote village in which she lived and the lack of effective communication media at that time, light therapy is right here, pioneered by individuals well within us and in the age of Internet. The world simply can’t afford to let go of this golden opportunity.
While as of now it is hard to scientifically explain most of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the light therapy phenomenon, the proof that it works is enough a reason by itself to invest the efforts and conduct further research while giving access to more and more people for the technique. Not to lose out on the opportunity of an immediate gain for humanity and the potential of a new direction in evolution for our future generations, the need is here and now to invest in the R&D endeavor to drive further from existing level of light therapy phenomenon. Cutting across the diverse disciplines of science and technology and emerging from the precincts of a cross-functional hypothesis, the R&D with light therapy phenomenon may unlock some hitherto metaphysical aspects of creation and existence. While the future would tell the success of where we would go with it, it is upon us to take opportunity of the present moment that ‘the light therapy phenomenon’ is here to stay and steer it in an inspired direction to create global peace and prosperity.

Solution to world problems is well within our reach. Charity begins at home. If each one of us can keep fit and contribute to the society in an environment friendly and positive manner, we can all contribute towards making a better world.
The light and air therapy phenomenon is a unique happening of the present times that may find some related theories within the limited scope of contemporary research, but yet largely remains unexplained. The very fact that light and air therapy phenomenon works and holds the potential to solve some of the major problems of the world like hunger and obesity is in itself a sufficient reason to invest further R&D efforts in finding a scientific explanation to how it works. It is an extremely interesting research opportunity from various perspectives that may include, but are not limited to: Neural Networks, Medical, Biomedical engineering, Botany, Nutrition, Bio-chemical, Electro-magnetic, Brain wave technology and Metaphysical. Challenge is to bring this to mainstream medical science.
Mr. Hira Ratan Manek ( ) and Sunyogi UmaSankar for providing inputs. Prof. Troy Nagle (NCSU/UNC) for kind initiative in bringing this research effort to the notice of bio-medical research community. Dr. Andrew Matthews (Univ. of Minnesota) for discussion on hibernation genes.
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Brief introduction to Author/ Supporting Authors and Network Consultants
futurecity is a team of researchers and inventors. He has worked in the industry/research for 27 years and his research interests are interdisciplinary. He has patents pending for human identification, and for patient tracking/rescue, is the recipient of 2002 ‘IEEE Author of the Year’ and 2003 ‘IEEE Outstanding Service Award’ by ENCS. He has over 20 years of experience with application of system dynamics. He has researched in the design alternatives and evaluation of IT effectiveness, and taught as an adjunct at several universities. He is inventor of FIA framework and author of the award winning book that outlines a technology based approach to analyzing problems. He represents on IEEE-USA Medical Technology Policy Committee, helped organize a conference in biotechnology and has actively participated in the IEEE-USA Research and Policy Committee. He is also a practitioner and researcher into the Pranayam breathing exercises and sun gazing. He has conducted several Pranayam workshops, causing significant improvements in treatment of various medical conditions. He is the author of Request for Comments (RFC) on the sun gazing practice, and has collected/analyzed responses from several sun gazing practitioners. He has been invited speaker and has delivered plenary talks at several international events. Dr. Ajay K Ajmani, MD (futurecity) is also affiliated with the University of North Carolina (UNC) & Carolina Central Hospital. He is the chair of ‘patient safety committee’ at Carolina Central Hospital. He is clinical preceptor at the UNC School of Nursing, and the Director of Rheumatology and Allergy Clinic, Sanford, North Carolina. He is also the Medical Director of Helping Hand Clinic, Sanford, North Carolina and on the Board of Directors for TLC Children’s Home. He has published several research papers. He brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience of practice on this interdisciplinary project.
Dr. Bret Stolp (MD, Ph.D.) is Section Chief of ECT, Radiology and Off-site Anesthesia at Duke University. His research interests include human exercise performance at both increased and decreased barometric pressure, with specific interest in pulmonary gas exchange, ventilation/perfusion relationships, and cardiopulmonary interactions under altered environmental conditions. Other areas of clinical research interests include respiratory limitations to exercise performance in patients with chronic pulmonary disease, the effects of anesthesia on pulmonary alveoloar macrophage function, age and analgesic regimen on lung and diaphragm function, and the effects of inspired carbon dioxide and/or sympathectomy on tissue oxygenation under hyperbaric conditions. He is actively involved in the application of human physiology simulation in the education of anesthesia residents and medical students and in teaching emergency airway management to all levels of health care providers. Besides the overall role as a Project Advisor, his expertise is also very relevant to assessment of Anorexia patients for improvement with air therapy (pranayam exercises).
Dr. Justine E. Owens is Assistant Professor of Research, Internal Medicine, at University of Virginia and is our network consultant. She has extensive experience in making and analyzing patient life narratives and also in voice analysis. She adds value by providing her expertise in analyzing voice graphs to assess patient recovery with light and air therapy.
Dr. Subramanyam Kanniganti, MD (futurecity) comes from a medical background and has contributed to this project as an overall coordinator.
Dr. Sudhir Shah, MD (Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, India) is our network consultant. He has conducted studies on sun gazing volunteers, including one for 411 days of continuous fasting. He has also laid down a hypothesis for prolonged fasting.
Ms. Marysol Gongalez (Planet Art, Spain) is our network consultant and is the developer of Biosonic software. Biosonic programs can be effectively used to analyze the condition of an Anorexia patients, and study the impact of sun gazing or other light and air therapy interventions. She has the experience of working with Anorexia patients.
Dr. Elena Ewing (Montague Diagnostics Limited, UK) has successfully established a practice of Virtual Scanning. Virtual scanning is very relevant to analysis of Anorexia patients for improvement with light and air therapy.
Dr. Anil Patel is our network consultant. He is the founder of Ayurveda Inc. and has extensively researched in the area of alternative medicine.
Dr. Sushil Motial (Lucknow, India) is our network consultant. She is a practitioner of Su-Zok and has successfully treated many cases.
Dr. Arpita Ahuja (Ahuja Medical Center, Delhi, India) is our network consultant. She is a Homeopath. She has established a Homeopathy practice and has treated several cases.