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September 11: A Wake-Up Call – Scientific Analysis of the Problem and Suggested Solutions

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At a time when the world is preparing for a war, there is a need to pause and think twice before reacting on impulses. We can give peace a chance and this book tells how. This is the only one that explains ‘why it happened’ and ‘how to prevent’ it from happening again. It is something beyond the imagination that would touch the heart and move the soul. The book explains long-term implication of the action of any nation, society or individual.

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Excerpts from Preface

There are always two approaches to looking at a situation. One is that of helplessness and a resignation to circumstances. The other is one of creating a better future and working towards achieving that as a Project. So far, the World has always followed the first approach and the current situation has come to where it stands today. The second approach requires ‘creativity’ to generate a solution and then a commitment of ‘will’ to implement it. If the World has a Vision of Peace, the Mission to Implement Peace is responsibility of each one of us.

While everyone knows as to what happened on September 11 and already much has been written and portrayed on the media about it prompting some people to comment: I am sick and tired of reading about Sept. 11. We really wonder as to how much of an analysis has been done to figure out as to why it has happened. As an engineer, I have been trained to get to the root cause of all the problems I face at work. The root cause analysis is supposed to help us in fixing the problems. Though many a times we are unable to pinpoint a real and specific cause for a problem like network congestion, and end up making implied assumptions about the root cause. In this particular case, considering Sept.11 tragedy as a fault and then getting to the root cause of it appears like an unending, daunting task. Having said that, it is for someone to make an attempt to do it.

As an attempt of an individual who is just like one of you, this book is the result. We do it together as I am no different than you are- an ordinary person who is concerned about these events and wants to make some contribution in whatever manner possible. We write and read this book together. We divide it into two sections. In the first, we see what happened as the time-lined events of the day Sept 11, 2001. Also, we analyze as to why it happened. This section is going to unfold the real truths that lie bare before us in the manner that we have never encountered before. We get to know that the real threat is far greater. And if we don’t act now, tomorrow is too late. In the second section, we brainstorm and suggest measures to prevent it (events like 911) from happening in the future. Following is a glimpse of what each section is all about.

Book Outline

Section I

– What happened: date lined account with brief description of September 11 events.

– Why it happened: a journey into the soul.

– Systems Dynamics Modeling to help us understand why it happened.

Section II

– How can we prevent it from happening in the future

– Reengineering the world

– New model for an interdependent universe

– What can I do as an individual

– Short-term measures

– Midterm measures

– Long-term measures

– Model of an Universal futurecity

Analyzing the Problem ‘September 11, 2001’ and Creating the Solution
There is a hidden scientist within each one of us. We are always willing, unconsciously, to create a better environment for our living and consequentially making the world a better place to be. The role of a technologist is to create solutions to problems and implement those solutions as a Project. To that part, each one of us- even school children have to assume some responsibility of that role towards creating a solution to global problems and doing our bit in implementing that solution. Once a large system is created and stabilized, it seems to be doing just fine at the surface of it. Deep inside, however, there may be a lot of turmoil going on while we keep fixing the ‘bugs’ or the ‘defects’ in the existing system as temporary patches towards a solutions approach. That actually is just a ‘temporary’ solution like a cure. That is not the prevention. A permanent solution may be possible only by doing a deep-rooted analysis of the problems and reengineering the system itself in a manner that leaves no scope for defects previously unearthed.

Going by what happened on September 11, 2001, the world must wake-up to a higher reality: ‘we can not fix this kind of a problem permanently by merely tightening the security at the airports and being more vigilant.’ Though these measures are urgently important and must be followed to provide an apparently immediate relief, the ultimate immunity can not be found by doing just that. We look at this whole issue, following a scientific approach. We evolve an approach that would use some of the existing tools and techniques available, but most important is that we would have to create much of this approach. There were no such problems earlier. No solutions existed before.

If there is a problem, there are various stages that we must go through to first create a solution and then implement the solution to achieve a remedy. Considering September 11, 2001 as a problem, we apply a Scientific Approach to create a solution and identify roles for each one of us towards an implementation of the solution. Though the approach used is scientific in nature, it has been applied in the manner simple enough for comprehension even by a middle school student with as much ease and interest as an adult. As a day to day life example, let us consider that there is a break-down of our car while we are travelling on a remote high-way.

Let us scientifically look at this process of solving a problem in an objective manner. We can easily break-down this process into three sequential steps. Each step in the process has got a procedure associated with it. Each major step can be considered as a sub-process of the major process. Let us call the three major steps as: Analysis, As-Is and Synthesis. We discuss each one of these.

1 ANALYSIS: with an objective to identify the root causes of the problem, the first step is to carry out an analysis of the circumstances and events that led to the current problem situation. This is mostly related to looking at the past in a manner that we can identify the problem root causes. In the car break-down example, this part of the process refers to looking under the hood and if required, tearing things apart (using the tool-kit to remove parts above to see if the problem lies down below or a similar exercise with different parts).

Inputs: The major inputs into this sub-process are a) chronological order of events that led to the problem or situation on hand b) any relevant or related information to the events which can be useful c) any documented literature or published material or web-resources which can be relevant and d) information about or pointers to people who have any knowledge about the events or have experience about dealing with such events in the past or have a first-hand account of the situation experience.

Important Considerations: The scope of inputs has to be limited in view of our budget of the effort required to carry out the analysis. The next most important thing is focus on the effectiveness of the inputs. This is where creativity helps. We must to be able to cull the useful out of a flood of inputs, some related and others loosely related. To look at a problem that has something to do with a leakage in the radiator, there is no need to fiddle with the battery, the distributor or the engine. While it is possible that a diamond of information may lie shrouded in the garbage of detail, it is creativity that would sift it out of the garbage. Another word of caution is not to let the process of debate towards an objective of consultation become so dominant that the entire purpose is lost in the heat of it. A dissection of history can lead to emotional outbursts from participants in this process, but they need to stay focused on the purpose rather than getting lost in the flood of their emotions. It would be best to time-out such activities as you follow the entire process as a project. A dissection of the history is only carried out to carry forward the lessons learnt and avoid the mistakes of the past while we proceed to further steps in the overall process.

Procedure: The major activity at this sub-process is to carry out a modeling of the situation. System Dynamics is a great tool at doing that part of the exercise. It would be best to first draw as close and succinct a model as possible. An attempt to make a detailed modeling can be counter-productive at the first stage itself. The next major activity is to carry out a research, duly making use of the literature survey, interviews, web-resources and whatever else is relevant, in order to expand the model. Once we are at it, it would be best to expand the model through a process of ‘consultation’. We can not design solutions to solve the problems people are facing in a closed room. We got to expand and reach out to them, consult, debate, collaborate, gather ideas and finally, consolidate. Consolidation is another step where creativity would come handy. Once a consolidated model is ready, open it for debate and discussion to further expand the process of ‘consult and collaborate’ with the sole purpose of causing an improvement. As soon as the debate is over, refine the model and proceed to the next step.

In this book, we focus in Section 1 on the ‘Analysis’ part. The ‘AS-IS’ part is partially covered in both the sections, as this is also the link between two sections. Section II deals with the ‘Synthesis’ and outlines the proposed solution.

If you look at the world problems at large, the above three sub-processes have to be continuous, on-going process. Since the environment of a world political and economic landscape keeps changing dynamically, a continuous process of improvement as on on-going activity with ‘will’ and commitment’ of all those concerned, the people of the world, is required. This is a two way process: one forward and another backward. The forward and the backward are integrated. The outcome of forward process is implemented and causes some ripples in the system. The effect of these ripples has to be captured to know whether the process is doing its job as required or not. Once this is known, this knowledge is fed back in to the process as an input to ‘Analysis’ stage.

There are never ever any perfect situations in life. We always have to accept the current situation ‘AS-IS’ and operate from there to create a better future to make an improvement. Since there is always a scope for improvement in any situation (lest bankruptcy of vision), a ‘State of Perfection’ can only be perceived as a ‘continuum of creation and implementation for improvement’. It is towards achieving this continuum that the ‘backward’ loop of reversing feedback into the system as an input becomes important.

The process of Implementation by itself has two components, both of which are very important. The first is a Top-Down implementation, which involves a training and ‘will’ commitment on part of the ‘political leadership’ of the world. Once a mind-set of the political leadership has been achieved, the process of unification can be implemented in a phased manner, starting with regional clusters. The second component of the Implementation process is a Bottom-Up implementation. This is the effort of ‘People of The World’. Once the implementation of peace by people of the world is owned up as a Project, there would be no forces in this world, which can stop the wave of the masses. Somewhere on the way, the top-down and the bottoms up implementation would converge and that exactly is the time when the world would unconsciously have embraced peace and interdependence for good.

In events of the history of humanity, on the crossroads of ‘ism’s, September 11, 2001 was an accident at the intersection of ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘capitalism’, both the outcomes of a ‘simulated reality’ of this world. There is a major threat looming large on the world – the one of divide in perceptions.

Today, the world stands still at these cross-roads. It has to pick one of the two options: ignore the problems, resign to ‘simulated reality’ and continue the way we have been all along the history or work towards creating a better future. A surface deep reaction by beefing up the security and being more vigilant are merely short-term measures to solving a deep-rooted problem, like pressing the snooze button and going back to sleep. September 11, 2001 was just a wake-up call to the world in that process. If the world continues to snore, there would be more and more of such wake-up calls coming on the way as the results of unknown and hidden forces taking over the affairs of the world towards carrying out ‘the balancing act’. A divide unimaginable has been created between ‘perceptions’ of the East and the West, each holding to the stand-point of their ‘simulated reality’.

If we have to carry out the balancing act ourselves in a manner that preserves peace and yet creates a better future, here is a suggestion towards making that happen. It is now upon the creativity of the collective minds of the world put together to transform the heat of September 11 accident into an opportunity for peace and unification. Let the Phoenix of Hope for ‘Universal Oneness’ emerge out of the ashes of destruction at ‘Ground Zero’. This Phoenix of hope shall glide over the skies of a new interdependent world and complete its flight towards landing in The Universe of Love, Joy and Peace.

Excerpts from Chapter 1

The Problem

What happened
September 11, 2001: United States of America on Planet Earth, Solar System, Galaxy Milky Way, somewhere in the Universe as known to Humans.

07:45 American Airlines Flight 11 leaves Boston for Los Angeles

07:58 United Airlines Flight 175 leaves Boston for Los Angeles

08:01 United Airlines Flight 93 leaves Newark for San Francisco

08:10 American Airlines Flight 77 leaves Washington Dulles for Los Angeles

New York City, USA

08:45 American Airlines Flight 11 slams into North Tower of the World Trade Center

09:05 United Airlines Flight 175 slams into South Tower of the World Trade Center

Washington DC, USA
09:39 American Airlines Flight 77 ploughs into the Pentagon

Southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

10:10 United Airlines Flight 93 crashes, killing all on board

Between 08:45 and 10:10, havoc is unleashed on The United States of America and leaves over 3,000 inhabitants of Planet Earth dead.

As an immediate reaction to what happened, oppressed humanity wrote the following open letter to GOD:

An open letter to God, from the heart of an oppressed humanity

September 11, 2001

Dear GOD,

Good Day! Where are you? Why did you just not prevent what happened today? We are all a bit confused here. On whose side you are, really? A nation who has stamped a testimony of thy trust on every coin made in the mint of its soil or a bunch of fanatics who believe that you would give them a life divine in thy heaven if they caused havoc on thy creation. Are you playing games with us, the creatures of your existence? Why did you have to do this after all?

In first place, why did you even have to create the life on this planet if you were so determined to unleash a rein of suffering in its wake? What satisfaction did it give you, after all, to perish thousands of lives buried alive in the debris of all that exists on this planet- leaving wailing cries, curses, tears and the last of wishes unfulfilled- a yearning for peace and love.

Why do we have to stay put with this? Just because we are just humans and there is not much beyond us to do? If death and destruction is all that pleases you, why did you leave the rest of us alive when you killed our brothers and sisters and our next of kin. Do you like an army of ‘Sycophants’ who would just pretend to be singing praise to you without meaning any of it in reality? If that is true, then you are no different than the ordinary bureaucrat or CEO on this planet. As CEO of thy Universe, if thy created us humans in image of thy own, why did thy have to unleash such curse and tragedy of misery upon us? What satisfaction did you draw by burning us alive or watch us leap to death from the heights of thy towering inferno.

Why God, why? You need to tell us. The time has come that we demand you to kindly explain, in all thy mercy and compassion. This humanity, your children, can take it no more. You seem to have abandoned us. Descend upon thy planet, this humble Earth of yours, and enlighten us about your plans and demystify all the ignorance shrouding our conception. We do have lots more to say but respect your being busy to manage the affairs of an entire universe or multitudes of universes, as we know of those. Hope that within your busy schedule, earthlings like us do find a spot in the dimension of your time for a kind consideration of an answer, if you have not abandoned us already.

Waiting for you… and your replies..

Signed.. this day on September 11th, 2001 AD

Every human on Planet Earth, the Solar System, Milky Way, Universe.

Why it happened
Will New York City Be Destroyed If It Does Not Repent?

– John Straton, Baptist Minister

Even before we start a discussion on the subject of what happened on September 11, 2001 and why it happened, let us talk about two very basic laws governing the Universe. One is a law of the science and the other is a law of spirituality. The law of science is that ‘to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This is one of the fundamental laws of motion in physics, given by Newton. The spiritual law is ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. This spiritual law is either written directly in all books of the religion or is a direct implication thereof. This is the cause-effect law of our actions as well as thoughts. We shall use these two laws in analyzing most of the situations of present day problems, including those related to September 11, 2001 tragedy and getting down to the root causes. If we interpret these two laws in an intellectual manner, both essentially imply the same meaning, though coming from different schools of thought.

While looking for immediate solutions, we need to study as to what possibly technology and a re-alignment of socio-politic forces can do for us and what measures can we take to beef up the security in our present systems. But when we are going to create a meaningful and lasting solution to any of the root causes, we shall add to the above two laws a third law: ‘Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides’. This is the law written in the world’s oldest book- ‘Rigveda’ (translated- the eternal knowledge). This is the law for any one who wants to create a future for the better.

Between covering an analysis of what happened in the past and creating the future for a better tomorrow, there is an unwritten, unsaid law. This is the law of an interconnected universe. Why it may be appropriate to call this law as in-between is the fact that present is neither the past, nor the future. We can call it ‘the law of interconnectedness of the universe’. In this interim rule, time is not a dimension. This is kind of hard to conceptualize, but not impossible. Imagine a situation where you want to do something good for someone, right out of a feeling from the bottom of your heart and the only convincing reason to do so at that point of time is a feeling that would make you feel good to do so. Truly speaking, you do not even have an expectation of any returns or feedback. This is now exactly what we can call an investment into an unknown future. You are doing something good, but have absolutely no expectation in return. When you do not have any expectation in return, you are actually inputting a positive energy into a universal system, of which you know no boundaries thereof.

Let’s perceive life as a system. (refer Chapter 10 for model of life as a system). When you make a positive input, it makes the overall system perform better. If you make a negative input, you are actually disturbing the normal equilibrium of the system and making a deliberate effort for the system to go hay-wired on purpose or perform at a lower level, depending on the severity of your input. If you make such inputs into your own life system, over which you have an absolute control (you presume so), perhaps the situation can become a manageable one. An example of this could be the kind of attitude you may be carrying at a certain point of time. If that input leads you quickly through an experience, you can celebrate the lessons learned. Thus, you can take an immediate corrective action. Now, what happens if the life concerned is not just yours alone. It is that of the family, friends, the community, the society, the nation, world you live in or even the entire universe.

It would be an over-attempt for a mortal human to make an endeavor for modeling the universe as a system, when the inputs are unknown, the output is unknown and even the boundaries are unknown. The current state of technology enabling our perception of the universe is not even developed to an extent that we can contemplate its rate of expansion.

This is exactly where the law of interconnectedness of the universe comes into place. Note that if you do a negative act at any point of time, not out of just plain sheer ignorance, but on purpose and being in full knowledge of your action, come what may- it would come back on you many fold. The frozen dimension of time can expand to any extend and the interest rate can vary to any degree from 0 to 100 percent compounded, depending on the severity of your act. The severity of your act is like heating a test-tube in the lab either on a warm heater or putting it directly on the fire. When the process of universe returns the result of your attitude, thoughts and actions to you as a repayment with some interest, the process may use a different set of actors and system.

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